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Be proud, BITCHES!!!

Jogged 4.2km today. Ontop of an hour of walking. Now I'm off for my 45 mins of Muscle exercises and yoga. Toddles lovelies.

A. Jekyll.

-The Good Doctor Says: Posted from her iPad

Three Months Late

Hello everyone. It's stupid I know. But I'm finally posting again. I've also decided something.

I'm not going to post my diet on this blog.

I think it's stupid and selfish. And really. Not very many people want to hear about an over weight woman loosing weight.

Anyway. I'll work out what to post about in the next few days. Until then.


Doctor A. Jekyll

-The Good Doctor Says: Posted from her iPad

Really late. like REALLY

Name: A. jekyll.
Height: 169cm (5'8")
Weight: An embaressingly large amount
dress size: 16-18
Nails: Painted Sparkly purple :)
Hair: In Ringlets! An inch shorter than last time
Skin: Alot clearer than last time.
complaints: My feet are sore... so is my back
plus?: Got a New Job. Feeling pretty good.
Comments: Well. My last Job The one that was "SOOOOOOOOO BORING". Well. I got "Let go" after I had a freak out at work and started crying. So they were like "yeah. this is too stressful for you so like. Bye. We'll pay you for the whole day." I was like "Kay.... bye assholes" Except I didn't really say that because I'm a pleasant Pheasant. So yeah. I spent a week being angsty then I got my new Job working at a bead shop. Its. SO. AWESOME! I have soooo much fun! like. !!!!! OMG~!!!!!!

Other than that I've started gardening. We had my first zucchini the other day. and some carrots. Its been awesome. I pulled my back out as I dug up my melon/cucumber patch. it looks good. Which is the main thing.

Well Aragog (My stuffed spider) and I are going and watching old Two and a Half men (You know... The ones with Charlie sheen in them)


A. Jekyll


Name: A. jekyll.
Height: 169cm (5'8")
Weight: I'd rather not say for now
dress size: 16-18
Nails: Bitten
Hair: A few knots. But otherwise good. ... I just brushed a leaf out of my hair?!
Skin: some spots on chin/left cheek.  LOTS OF FRECKLES!
complaints: Tired
plus?: Work and upcomming events
Comments: I started work on monday. It was.... BOOOOOOOOOOOORING. OH SO BORRRRRRING!!!! I did nothing the first day, just watched... SO BORRRING. But the next day was much better. I actually did things. It's good. So happy.
Also. My chickens ended up being ALL ROOSTERS D: so I've got two new ones now.... Both Rhode island Reds. Named Fred and George :)
They're so cute! And Fred Laid an egg today... I' just had it for dinner.

Bloodlust ball is comming up. I'm going to it. Mum's going to help me make a dress for it.
And yeah.
That's about all.

So for now, CIAO!

A. Jekyll

Yeah I'm late!

Name: A. jekyll.
Height: 169cm (5'8")
Weight: I'd rather not say for now
dress size: 16-18
Nails: Bitten
Hair: Just got a haircut!!!! Looks ADORABLE!
Skin: some spots on chin/left cheek. Up near hairline on right side. LOTS OF FRECKLES!
complaints: Tired, paranoia, and some fidgeting. tummy hurts too.
plus?: Starting work on monday
Comments: I just got a new job this week! Went in for the interview on Monday and I got a call back about two hours later saying I got the job! WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!!! However. On Friday I was like... REALLLY sick. I won't go into details. But it was... gross to put it nicely. so I spent most of yesterday in bed, being sick and sulky and sleeping ALOT.  When I woke up this morning my tummy had settled abit. I haven't been sick today but had a few close calls. But still. I'm not dying at least. I still need to drink more. I've got abit of a headache still. Nothing alot of water can't solve.

Oh. Also! Got two fashion Royalty dolls! SO NICE!!! I might post some pictures eventually. But I've got Diana in my 'Stepping up' barbie outfit at the moment. She looks so cool!

Feeling good.

I went for a long walk today. Felt rather pleased with myself. Walked from my local hospital (Well near it technically. I was at a friends place) all the way home. It took about 45 minutes but still. *Feels acomplished*

I think tomorrow I'm going to start a 'diet'. So maximum 2 cans of coke zero a day (I was drinking 5-8), more water, less sodium and oils. More fresh veges and meat. Maybe even going for a ride or a walk each day. And if I'm good that week I might even take a freshly baked cake to work on Fridays... My boss might need to go on a diet too now.

Therefore. I shall post every week on (what's today? Oh yeah) Wednesday speaking about how I've gone the previous week. I'll also be looking at how my skin/hair/nails are going.

So I'll start:

Name: A. jekyll.
Height: 169cm (5'8")
Weight: I'd rather not say for now
dress size: 16-18
Nails: Bitten
Hair: don't want to look
Skin: some spots on chin/left cheek. Up near hairline on right side. LOTS OF FRECKLES!
complaints: Tired, paranoia, and some fidgeting.
plus?: Excited to start doing this!
Comments: none.

Now I'm off to start sewing more dolls clothes!

<3 A. Jekyll

23-7-11: Blurgh

To be honest I don't really know why I'm writing this. In the end only one person is really reading this.

And I know I'm supposed to be feeling better about myself. But It's not happening. I keep crying and I can't stop. I mean. I know I'm supposed to be having a good life. I have a roof over my head, I have friends, family that love me. I have a job that I love and that I've been dreaming of for YEARS.

But I feel empty.

It's just. so hard. I hate my life. I hate what I'm stuck with. I'm fat and horrible and I feel like everyone hates me. People that I trusted and thought trusted me have started ignoring me and not talking to me anymore. and I feel like it's all my fault.

I have to stop doing this to myself...

I'm going to look for knitting patterns.

Night all

A. Jekyll


Um. wow.

In case you don't know I'm new to live journal... Like. Really new. And I'm just going to say this now to all you people out there on the internet...

All spelling mistakes, I'm going to blame on my keyboard... I type to fast for this small thing... like way too fast XD.

Anyway seeing as that's out of the way.


that is all.

A. Jekyll.